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Broadcom reportedly working to acquire VMware, which would be a blockbuster tech acquisition. Read more below:



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Innovation, job creation, & an entrepreneurial mindset are the reasons France is now the top startup destination in Europe. So, what can Europe learn from Silicon Valley? @PascalCagni @businessfrance, Joe Schoendorf @Accel & myself share more:

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Je sens que mon après-midi d’audit va être long…

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I’m safe on Mars. Perseverance will get you anywhere.

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bravo la team 👏🏽 @_ebernard @julienberton @xavieravrillier @tonton_hub @Cyril_C1 @GuillaumeDamien @nidor92 @Efourn @notMG @Ash2501 @lrivallain @vmeoc @vmdude_fr @manul63 @to0ks @BILKAM2 @antoine_hlt @harivchr @Kevin_Pcc_ovh @erwanquelin @fredG_work @JMousqueton @mluanv

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